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Claro glass dessert set of 7 pieces

SDG 350 SDG 390
A set of 7 beautiful pieces .

Clipso Minut easy pressure cooker - Tefal - P4624966

SDG 9,451 SDG 11,740
Stainless steel 9 Liter pressure cooker, so easy to open with one hand open system and 114⁰C for meat/vegetables.

Clipso Precision Pressure Cooker - Tefal - P4410762

SDG 13,851 SDG 17,340
Be on time thanks to the Clipso Precision! Its smart integrated timer will guide you. Once the appropriate temperature is reached, the countdown automatically starts itself and warns you when the food is ready.

Dessini Aluminum Two-Sided Double Grill Non-stick Pressure Pan, RED

SDG 850 SDG 890
The aluminum two-sided double grill non-stick pressure pan 40 cm Pots & Pan is manufactured by Dessini

Glass Salt & Pepper set -Oil & Vinegar Bottle with Stainless Steel Shell and Plastic Stand

SDG 350 SDG 390
4 in 1 set that provide you with extra space.

Lemon squeezer from metalix

SDG 65 SDG 105
Now you can forget about the seeds and the pulp.

Mesh strainer

SDG 75 SDG 115
Comfortable and non-slip handle,Easy to clean and store and designed to drain liquids quickly for better cooking results,Perfect for lifting frying.

Moulinex Hand Mixer HM3111B1

SDG 3,467 SDG 4,790
Power:300 W Speed: 5 Dough hook: √√ Stainless steel whisk: √√ Bowl Capacity: 3,5 L Colors : White and Dark Grey

Moulinex Hand Mixer -quick mix

SDG 3,819 SDG 5,490
Power:300 W Speed:5 Dough hook:√√ Stainless steel whisk:√√ Bowl Capacity:3,5 L Colors: White and Dark Grey

Moulinex Infiny Force Hand Blender

SDG 4,963 SDG 6,990
Power:750 W / Speed:20 + boost / Chopper:500 ml / Blades:4 / Foot: metal / Whisk Beaker: 800 ml / Colour: ruby red /

Moulinex Turbomix hand blender

SDG 1,795 SDG 2,490
Power : 350 W Speed :1 Blades : 2 Foot : plastic Beaker : 800 ml Colour : White

Moulinex Turbomix plus -Hand Blender

SDG 1,795 SDG 2,590
Power : 350 W Speed : 1 Blades : 2 Foot : Metal Beaker : 800 ml Colour : White

Non-stick Tefal pan

SDG 100 SDG 140
Tefal offers you a pan designed to provide the best cooking. hard-wearing non-stick cookware for everyday cooking guaranteed to deliver superb & delicious food.

Pastry cutter

SDG 85 SDG 125
set of 12 metal pastry cutter to create cute various shaped cookies , they can also be used for cake decorating

Plastic Measuring Cups and Spoons

SDG 100 SDG 140
6 pieces of plastic measuring cups and spoons in different sizes Includes 7.5 ml, 15 ml, 60 ml, 80 ml, 125 ml and 250 ml. can measure both powders and liquids precisely.

Pressure cooker 6 L - Tefal - P0530734

SDG 11,299 SDG 14,040
Stainless steel cooker that can take up to 6 Liters.

Pressure cooker 8 L - Tefal - P0531134

SDG 12,003 SDG 14,940
A beautifully designed stainless steel cooker that take up to 8 Liters.

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools

SDG 550 SDG 590
Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set of 6 pieces for Easier Cooking

professional cookie presser

SDG 420 SDG 460
enjoy baking without husstle and save your time with the best cookie press ever !

Round Springform cake pan set of 3

SDG 390 SDG 430
Type of cake pan that has removable sides. The strip of metal that makes up the sides of the pan is shaped into a ring and is held together with an adjustable latch

Set of 3 ceramic cake pan

SDG 1,200 SDG 1,240
These ceramic Baking pans set of 3 different sizes can be taken straight from the oven to the table, And dishwasher safe.

Silicon Brush

SDG 35 SDG 75
high performance and flexible. will not melt, warp, discolor, or shrink like regular plastic or wooden brushes. The bristles will not break or shed in your food like old brushes. They are heat resistant up to 230⁰C

Silicon Brush and Spatula

SDG 85 SDG 125
set of 2 silicon pieces includes brush and spatula

Silicon pots holder

SDG 25 SDG 65
Pot holders can be used right or left handed and perfect for use with ovens, grills, stove tops and counters.

Springform baking pan set of 3

SDG 390 SDG 430
Type of cake pan that has removable sides and different shapes . The strip of metal that makes up the sides of the pan is shaped into a ring and is held together with an adjustable latch. They are made of durable material that retain the shape of cakes and allow for easy release of cakes.

Stainless steel lemon squeezer

SDG 45 SDG 85
Now you can forget about the seeds and the pulp.

Vaken 15 Pcs Granite Cookware Set

SDG 4,800 SDG 5,200
Granite Coated Cookware Set of 15 pieces , Red

Watermelon slicer

SDG 180 SDG 220
The Perfect Slicer's easy grip handles keep hands safely away from Sharp, long-lasting, top quality stainless steel cutting blades.Fruit and vegetable slicer cuts 12 perfect slices with ease

Wood Cooking Spoons

SDG 80 SDG 120
a set of 4 wood cooking spoons plus holder , the ideal material to make sure not to scratch or damage your expensive cookware!

Wooden Rolling Pin

SDG 75 SDG 115
High-quality rolling pin perfect for everyday cooking and baking


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