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What is soooqna.com?

Established in 2018, Soooqna.com is the leading e-commerce destination in the in Sudan. Soooqna.com offers more than 2,000 products across multiple categories including consumer electronics, fashion, health & beauty, household goods, books and much more. New categories are constantly evaluated and launched all the time.

What is the profile of soooqna.com customers?

Soooqna.com’s Customers are spread across all demographics with a concentration in the core regions of Sudan. It starts with Khartoum state then will be spread to cover whole Sudan.

How does selling in soooqna.com work?

Selling on Soooqna.com is very easy and requires no upfront listing fees. You can start with just a few clicks. Just visit on our Guide lines (link to merchant guide lines)

What items can I sell on soooqna.com?

You can sell the products which are already uploaded on the website or create your own listing. You can sell the entire products that country policies don’t prevent. If you would like to list an item in a category which you do not see on website then send your inquiry to: Info@soooqna.com .

Can I sell internationally on soooqna.com?

Not at this time.


How much do I need to pay to list my products on soooqna.com?

There is NO set up or product listing fee on Soooqna.com.

How much do I need to pay in commission fees for products sold on Soooqna.com?

-          Seller account registration: Free.

-          Listing products: Free.

-          Commission Fee: Charged per item sold based on its category.

(We provide it inside merchant contract)


How do I register?

Click “Account” on the upper right corner of the home page on Soooqna.com, then choose Register and fill required data.

I already have an account with Soooqna.com; do I need to register again to sell?

No, you can use the same account to sell on Soooqna.com. You can register as a seller with your same login id. If you want to change your User name, and then simply edit info in your account.


How do I login?

Click “Account” on the upper right corner of the home page on Soooqna.com and then choose Login

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click "Account" on upper right corner of any Soooqna.com page, then sign in, then click "Forgot your password?" and enter the email address you used to register. We will send you an email with instructions for resetting your password.