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Clipso Minut easy pressure cooker - Tefal - P4624966

SDG 9,451 SDG 11,740
Stainless steel 9 Liter pressure cooker, so easy to open with one hand open system and 114⁰C for meat/vegetables.

Clipso Minut Perfect Pressure cooker - Tefal - P4620731

SDG 10,331 SDG 13,390
This pressure cooker will become an essential and must have in your kitchen from the very first time you try cooking in it. Thanks to the 6L capacity, the Tefal ClipsoMinut Perfect Pressure Cooker will be your right-hand helper in the kitchen.

Clipso Precision Pressure Cooker - Tefal - P4410762

SDG 13,851 SDG 17,990
Be on time thanks to the Clipso Precision! Its smart integrated timer will guide you. Once the appropriate temperature is reached, the countdown automatically starts itself and warns you when the food is ready.

Pressure cooker 10 L - Tefal - P0531634

SDG 13,059 SDG 16,990
Safe, convenient and healthy. It can cook it all. it tales up to 10 Liters.

Pressure cooker 6 L - Tefal - P0530734

SDG 11,299 SDG 14,690
Stainless steel cooker that can take up to 6 Liters.

Pressure cooker 8 L - Tefal - P0531134

SDG 12,003 SDG 15,590
A beautifully designed stainless steel cooker that take up to 8 Liters.


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