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Activ Dual wash Top Load Washer with Built-in Sink, 13 Kg - WA13J573055

SDG 56,470
The sleek W3050 washer takes fabric care to a new level. Samsung Wobble technology with dynamic water movement and Diamond Drum design reduce pulling forces and friction on clothes. Beautiful, dependable, and gentle on all fabrics, the W3050 is designed to be a part of your home for life.

Active Dual Washer Top Load, 16 Kg - WA16J

SDG 78,560
The activ dualwash system includes a sink for a convenient place to hand-wash delicate clothes and pre-treat heavily soiled clothes. A water jet starts and stops at the push of a button.

T1666NEFT - Top Loader Full Automatic

SDG 51,840 SDG 62,990
LG's Top-Loader full automatic washing machines has a Turbo Drum, which enables the drum to rotate in reverse of the washing fan. This reverse movement creates a high water-tightness that gives higher efficiency in washing. In addition to this, there are two hot water and various washing options that make this type of washing machine requires no interference after adjustment and operation. Direct Drive Motor is the addition to this type of washing machine in matching with other brands because it has strength and high capacity, also a ten-year warranty on the motor.

Washing Machine Top Load, 11 Kg - WA11F5S4UWA

SDG 47,140
This washing machine is here to make your laundry chores easy, thorough and convenient. With its diamond drums washing clothes is easy and safe as its holes are smaller and are located deep down to prevent fabric from sticking out and consequently being damaged.

Washing Machine Top Load, 7 Kg - WA70H4200

SDG 32,410
This washing machine works Seamlessly streamlined and .protectively practical

Washing Machine with Top Load, 9 Kg - WA90F5S2UWW

SDG 39,260
This washing machine works Seamlessly streamlined and .protectively practica

Top Loader

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